Deepwells Haunted Mansion

Deepwells Mansion - Circa 1845 - Is known for an abundance of paranormal activity throughout the year. A favorite place for Mediums an Psychics to gather for ghost hunts and Seances.


"DEEPWELLS SANITARIUM" HOME FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE. Grab a visitor's pass and tour the 1845 facility. Enter at your own risk where you will be brought back to a time where tuberculosis and the plague still exist, and where electroshock therapy and lobotomies are still the preferred methods of treatment for the criminally insane. The quarantined residents of the sanitarium await you. Tour the facilities 16 rooms some of which include the morgue, infirmary, torture room, padded room to name a few. Some rooms will allow you to experience the delusions of a criminally deranged patient - yes! The horror!!! and then the wooded grounds where escaped mental patients will NOT allow you to leave without them. Hold tight to your visitor's pass, it's what they want! It's the only way out- It's you or them!!!!! Can you make it out alive?!! Only the strong will survive.


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2 Taylor Lane
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